Enjoying Your Visit to Bexhill

Bexhill Chess: the playing area
Bexhill Chess: the playing area (Photo credit: JustABoy)
The venue is a comfortable hall in the very centre of town some five minutes walk from Bexhill Station. There are numerous cafes restaurants and shops within yards of the venue. 

Tea coffee and light refreshments will be available at the venue.

This is our second weekender at Bexhill-on-Sea, so we hope you enjoy it and everything goes smoothly.  We had some very positive comments about the first event, and we've added an extra section as a result!

You can help us, and help yourself, by reading the information below.

ARRIVE ON TIME: any potential travel disruption to trains can be checked online here.

BRING: a pen - we will provide duplicate scoresheets and you just have to give us the top copy at the end of your game, signed by both players and with a result clearly indicated.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: if you have registered online but not paid, please pay your entry fee before round one.

WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR GAME: please reset the pieces and the clock (we'll show you how). Please don't analyse games in the playing area, use the lovely analysis room.

BOOKSTALL: open to offers, and we do have the room.

ANALYSIS AREA: there is a separate analysis room (see pic)

FOOD AND DRINK will be served in the analysis room throughout.
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