Past Results and Games

Click the relevant tournament date to see the results of previous competitions at Bexhill Congresses and to play through all of the games. NEW! You can search for specific players using the search engine below.

You can download the pgn file from David Cordover's Chess MicroBase (browser-based - no installation of software is required) or directly from FIDE for immediate viewing or for use in pgn4webHiarcs or ChessBase.


3rd: Feb 28-Mar 1 2015          | Games (Chess Microbase) | FIDE


2nd: Jun 28-29 2014             | Games (Chess Microbase) | FIDE
1st: Mar 22-23 2014             | Games (Chess Microbase) | FIDE

How do I get a FIDE rating?

Thanks to Arthur Brameld for entering the games.  If you'd like to volunteer to enter games for a future event, please contact me!